Welcome to Summer!! Need help dealing with the heat? We can do that!   SCRUB TOPS To help with breathability, we now carry 100% cotton tops! Available in 2 styles and 4 patterns, the cotton is soft and pliable, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and stylish!! What more do you need this summer? These tops are ideal for doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, PSWs, vets and vet assistants, medical professionals, and anyone who just plain thinks they’re cute! (Which they definitely are!) Tops available in styles C324T and 523T (below) in the following patterns: Déjà Vu, Zen Stem, Wildberry, and Stone Medley. […]

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Forget the new generation of iPhone, have you seen the new generation of Littmans?! Say hello to the 3M Littman Classic III! This brand new stethoscope replaces the old Classic II with many improved features. It’s not only natural rubber latex-free but it’s also free of phthalate plasticizers so it’s perfect for doctors, nurses, and patients with sensitive skin and a love for our planet. The flexible, resilient tubing has been improved to better resist alcohols and oils from skin; it’s also more resistant to stains for a longer product life. It’s also a 2 in 1 product as the […]

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Happy 149th Birthday Canada! Let’s celebrate this amazing anniversary of our incredible country by saving money!! Please visit our website this week. Until July 2nd, you can get 18% off your order of scrubs, work wear, or chef wear just by using the coupon code CANDAY16! Check out our new arrivals including new prints and new styles! We have 4 brand new prints/patterns available and brand new unisex sets available to fit your mood, whatever it is! Try them at a discount price, come back because you love them!   Please see our website for more information, or to place […]

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Doula Care


When asked to name the first medical professional that comes to mind, one would most likely answer a doctor or nurse. However, there are so many various fractions in the medical industry that one professional is often overlooked or sometimes people do not know of its existence, yet an important part to the neonatal unit is a doula. So what is a doula exactly? Is a doula a nurse or a mother helping another mother? Let’s delve in and understand some more. A doula (pronounced doo-lah) is derived from a Greek word. Translated it means “a woman who serves” and […]

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Staying safe in the new year


With Christmas 2014 behind us, we now look forward to usher in New Years 2015.People all over the world tend to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another with a party or a gathering of family and friends… and that celebration usually includes some alcohol beverages. To make sure you don’t start the New Year on the wrong foot, we put together some helpful tips for you to stay safe this New Years Eve.     Stay off the roads if possible – even if you’re sober. To some folks New Year’s Eve – day and […]

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Chef Wear… why wear it?

Chef coat

  A chef uniform is much more than a garment you are required to wear for work. Each part of your ensemble plays a specific role in protecting you from everyday kitchen dangers. A typical chef uniform is a chef’s jacket, chef pants, a hat, a neckerchief, an apron, good slip-resistant shoes, and sometimes a hand towel. Even if you aren’t required to wear all parts of the ensemble, your chef uniform still serves a purpose. Chef Hats The most recognizable part of your chef uniform is the chef hat—the classic French cooking hat or “toque blanche” is literally translated […]

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Reach for it… Antibacterial Soap


Looks like Mother Nature has decided to swing winter into full gear with white fluffy snow on the ground and below 0 temperatures. Our full winter season’s accessories are out of our closets and have been in use in our daily outdoor ventures. However, it would also not be a surprise if another accessory has made its way into our cars, purses and pockets, the mini anti bacterial liquid soap dispensers. We reach for these anti bacterial soaps or lotions to ward off bacteria and viruses that are more common in these cold weather conditions. However, have we ever taken […]

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Dental Hygiene …Is this for me?

dentist uniforms

Looking for the right profession? Is a path in the medical field the right for me? Sometimes we jump into things because we know that the reward at the end of the journey is great, but do not know how difficult the path can be to get there.  Paths in the medical profession can be long, expensive and consist of vigorous studying in to late hours of the night… which for some can be the wrong decision. So to help those courageous individuals who want to take the leap into the medical field but not quite sure in which direction, […]

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Witches, Ghosts and Goblins… OH MYYY… Halloween is upon us


  Halloween is almost upon us; did your family pick out their costumes? Would changing your eye color make a more dramatic effect? Contact lenses are being used to change eye color, add vampire like effects, or adding favorite sports team’s logo just for fun. These contacts are called fashion contact lenses or colored contact lenses among many other names used to describe these lenses. They do not correct vision; they are intended for just a change in appearance of the eye. However, prior to purchasing these decorative lenses, please take the time to research their effects on your sensitive […]

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What’s your color?

Scrub Colors

Ever wonder why the most popular colors for scrubs are the greens or the blues when there are so many options to choose from? It used to be that doctors, especially those performing surgeries, didn’t even wear special work garments and simply operated in their regular clothes and with bare hands. The 1918 flu pandemic and the rise of antiseptic theory led first to the use of surgical masks and rubber gloves and, eventually, antiseptic drapes, gowns and caps in the operating room. Early OR garments were white, which emphasized cleanliness but led to eyestrain and headaches for surgeons and their […]

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