The Bug Stops Here…

It’s that time of year again…back to school. Is this your first year of college or university? Maybe you’re moving into a dorm or living off campus with friends. Did you remember to bring your favourite pair of slippers and the sweater you just can’t live without? With all the hustle and bustle and overwhelming excitement of your new journey did you remember to get vaccinated?

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You’re going to nursing school!


August marks a time of year full of excitement and anticipation for the new beginnings just around the corner. You’ll have orientation and classes beginning very soon. The butterflies in your stomach are battling it out. In just a few short weeks you’ll be sitting a lecture hall full of students and you can’t forget about the long, almost sleepless nights of studying and writing and all that overwhelming test anxiety. You have to keep reminding yourself how much your life is about to change. You’re going to nursing school.

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