Fire Fighters: Importance of Fire Retardant Apparel


It is difficult to argue with a known fact that firefighters have one of the toughest jobs in the country. They never know what to expect in the next minute, hour or day. It is a constant change in their job related challenges. Being a fireman does not solely mean that it is about putting out fires and saving lives, there are many other skills to master, processes to learn, and physical and mental challenges to overcome. They might not know what a new day will entail but they can be sure, in their nature of work, long hours of […]

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Cancer Awarness month is upon us


 CANCER AWARENESS MONTH Cancer awareness month is here.  Please take the time to educate yourself about this disease and how it can affect you personally and those around you. According to the Cancer Society of Canada, almost half of all Canadians Canadians (41% of females and 46% of males) will develop cancer in their lifetime and a quarter of all Canadians are expected to die of the disease. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for nearly 30% of all deaths, followed by cardiovascular diseases (diseases of the heart and cerebrovascular diseases) and chronic lower […]

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Brain food

September is upon us and the school year is in full effect once again.  For parents, it is sometimes challenging to meet children’s daily nutritional food intake according to Canada’s Food Guide recommendations.  According to Canada’s Food Guide, here are some tips to meet the recommended servings. Serve small nutritious meals and snacks each day. Because preschoolers and young children have small stomachs, they need to eat small amounts of food more often throughout the day. One Food Guide Serving from a food group can be divided up into smaller amounts and served throughout the day. For example, half a Food Guide Serving of Meat and […]

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