Staying safe in the new year


With Christmas 2014 behind us, we now look forward to usher in New Years 2015.People all over the world tend to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another with a party or a gathering of family and friends… and that celebration usually includes some alcohol beverages. To make sure you don’t start the New Year on the wrong foot, we put together some helpful tips for you to stay safe this New Years Eve.     Stay off the roads if possible – even if you’re sober. To some folks New Year’s Eve – day and […]

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Chef Wear… why wear it?

Chef coat

  A chef uniform is much more than a garment you are required to wear for work. Each part of your ensemble plays a specific role in protecting you from everyday kitchen dangers. A typical chef uniform is a chef’s jacket, chef pants, a hat, a neckerchief, an apron, good slip-resistant shoes, and sometimes a hand towel. Even if you aren’t required to wear all parts of the ensemble, your chef uniform still serves a purpose. Chef Hats The most recognizable part of your chef uniform is the chef hat—the classic French cooking hat or “toque blanche” is literally translated […]

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