Welcome to Summer!! Need help dealing with the heat? We can do that!   SCRUB TOPS To help with breathability, we now carry 100% cotton tops! Available in 2 styles and 4 patterns, the cotton is soft and pliable, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and stylish!! What more do you need this summer? These tops are ideal for doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses, PSWs, vets and vet assistants, medical professionals, and anyone who just plain thinks they’re cute! (Which they definitely are!) Tops available in styles C324T and 523T (below) in the following patterns: Déjà Vu, Zen Stem, Wildberry, and Stone Medley. […]

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Dental Hygiene …Is this for me?

dentist uniforms

Looking for the right profession? Is a path in the medical field the right for me? Sometimes we jump into things because we know that the reward at the end of the journey is great, but do not know how difficult the path can be to get there.  Paths in the medical profession can be long, expensive and consist of vigorous studying in to late hours of the night… which for some can be the wrong decision. So to help those courageous individuals who want to take the leap into the medical field but not quite sure in which direction, […]

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