Dental Hygiene …Is this for me?

dentist uniforms

Looking for the right profession? Is a path in the medical field the right for me? Sometimes we jump into things because we know that the reward at the end of the journey is great, but do not know how difficult the path can be to get there.  Paths in the medical profession can be long, expensive and consist of vigorous studying in to late hours of the night… which for some can be the wrong decision. So to help those courageous individuals who want to take the leap into the medical field but not quite sure in which direction, […]

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Why Wear Scrubs?

Nurse Scrubs

Any medical staff member that comes into physical contact with a patient and patient’s bodily fluids is required to wear scrubs for the purpose of hygiene. Traditionally, medical scrubs comprised of a short sleeved wrap style top and loose elasticized cotton pants, pulled on by doctors as part of the ‘scrubbing in’ process for OR. These scrubs were meant to be worn only in OR so that the spread of germs and possible infections would be restricted.  Nowadays, scrubs are worn by different medical professionals during their shifts, and don’t change into their regular clothing till it’s time to go home.

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