What’s your color?

Scrub Colors

Ever wonder why the most popular colors for scrubs are the greens or the blues when there are so many options to choose from? It used to be that doctors, especially those performing surgeries, didn’t even wear special work garments and simply operated in their regular clothes and with bare hands. The 1918 flu pandemic and the rise of antiseptic theory led first to the use of surgical masks and rubber gloves and, eventually, antiseptic drapes, gowns and caps in the operating room. Early OR garments were white, which emphasized cleanliness but led to eyestrain and headaches for surgeons and their […]

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Having Fun with Nursing Scrubs!

by Dixie Uniforms The first nursing scrubs were based on the traditional nun “habit.” Knowing their history, it’s no wonder the first nursing scrubs could be described as drab, boring and forgettable. But times have changed. Scrubs are now available in a variety of colors, materials, fabrics and styles. Here’s how to have fun with nursing scrubs, creating your own style and allowing a touch of your own personality to shine through. Choosing the Right Style for You Short sleeve, long sleeve, v-neck, reflective trim, two-tone, wave-neck and stretch panels – the list goes on and on when it comes […]

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