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Littmann Classic III Stethoscope : Navy Blue 5622

Style: Navy Blue 5622

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Littmann Classic III Stethoscope comes with a two-sided chestpiece, dual tunable diaphragms and improved tubing.

  • Double-sided, dual diaphragm chestpiece for both adult and pediatric assessment.
  • Single-piece diaphragm instead of separate diaphragm/rim making it easier to attach and easier to clean due to the smooth unbroken surface
  • Next-generation tubing gives even longer tube life with improved resistance to skin oils, alcohol and staining
  • High acoustic sensitivity when performing general physical assessment.
  • Larger ear tubes on the anatomically designed headset comfortably positioned for better sound transfer.
  • Easy adjustment by simply squeezing or pulling apart the eartubes
  • Used as a diagnostic aid as part of the physical assessment of a patient
  • 5 year warranty includes free repair on any manufacturing or material defects
  • Littmann performance rating of 7 out of 10.
  • Navy Blue Tubing (69cm/27.2")
  • Brand name : Littmann Stethoscope
  • Stainless Steel Finish
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